BODY LANGUAGE impacts a great deal of how we communicate, and can reflect quite accurately what’s going on inside us.

It includes body movements and gestures (legs, arms, hands, head and torso), posture, muscle tension, eye contact, skin coloring (flushed red), even people’s breathing rate and perspiration. Additionally, the tone of voice, the rate of speech and the pitch of the voice all add to the words that are being used.

It is important to recognize that body language may vary between individuals, and between different cultures and nationalities. It is therefore essential to verify and confirm the signals that you are reading, by questioning the individual and getting to know the person.


The above image is taken in a shopping mall. A lady is seen shopping for ethnic wear. The lady with a kid is standing in a relaxed posture. Both her arms and legs are uncrossed. She seems to be resting her body weight on her left leg keeping the right leg relaxed. The man in black t-shirt is the salesman who is showing the clothes to the lady. His face expression shows that he is doing his work very seriously. There is one more lady in the picture who is wearing a blue and white suit. She seems to be an aged lady who is accompanying the lady with a kid.

Body postures

In the above image, three people can be seen. The man in white t-shirt is sitting with one leg crossed over the other. Men who sit like this are not only perceived as being dominant, they are also seen as relaxed and youthful. This posture is seen as an insult because it shows the soul of the shoe and that’s the part that walks in dirt. The person sitting in the middle seems to be a taxi or auto rickshaw driver. He is trying to talk to the person sitting in a black t-shirt who does not seem to be very interested. The person in black t-shirt is also sitting with crossed legs which indicates that he is relaxing at the tea stall.


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